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Hi, I'm Laura and I'm an Industrial Designer-turned-dev. I enjoy solving problems and looking for opportunity in every facet of the digital world. I’ve loved learning the fundamentals of web development and am excited to dive deeper into front-end technologies. When I’m not hunched over a computer, you can find me running, reading non-fiction novels about cognitive theory, and telling lame jokes. My dedication, cunning wit, and sparkling personality make me an asset for any project.

I look forward to being part of a team that supports each other and strives to create amazing things!

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Some of my work


React, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

A site for users to log in and store information about their travels.

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Nail Your Date

JavaScript, jQuery, APIs, HTML5, CSS3

The user inputs the type of date they're going on, and this application outputs what nail polish to wear.

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The Lit List

JavaScript, jQuery, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, APIs

Users can add upcoming concerts to a global list, curated worldwide. Created in collaboration with two other students.

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HTML5, CSS3, Sass

A PSD to responsive site conversion

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